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Professor Einstein Robot Talks Science & Plays Brain Games. Be as Smart as Albert Einstein. Realistic Facial Expressions. Wifi. Voice Recognition. Android & Apple Compatible.

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Manufacturer Description

Meet Professor Einstein:

Professor Albert Einstein is a playful, talking family robot who loves science and challenges you with brain games. He is paired with the Stein-O-Matic app to interact dynamically with an iPad or Android device to take you on a journey of fun and learning.

With an amazingly expressive face, he will make you smile with entertaining and educational games and science facts. When connected to Wi-Fi, he loves to chat and will answer your questions on a range of topics.

    Why Professor Einstein?:

  • PLAYFULLY INTERACTIVE. Professor Einstein will talk with you, share his passion for science and challenge you with brain games.
  • TRAIN YOUR BRAIN. Test your wits against one of the greatest minds in history. With multiple levels of difficulty, Professor Einstein's brain-games are a fun way to keep you sharp, improve problem-solving and cognitive flexibility.
  • MORE THAN VOICE-ENABLED.Professor Einstein doesn't simply speak, he will hold a real conversation with you.
  • COMPATIBILITY. Download the free Stein-O-Matic App on your Apple or Android Device. The App comes pre-loaded with 20 brain games, data cards, videos and learning modules.

  1. 9 Motors give him 50+ Realistic facial expressions and body gestures.
  2. Voice Recognition Technology allows Professor Einstein to respond to your questions without missing a beat!
  3. Infrared Motion Sensors keeps him from falling off tables and other surfaces.
  4. NPL, his Natural Language Processor is a component of Artificial Intelligence which enables him to talk WITH you, not just TO you.
  5. Voice-Box and Embedded Speaker.
  6. Directional Sound Sensors and Sound Dampening allow him to turn in the direction of your voice, and address you in conversation.

Product Features

PLAYFUL ROBOT. Professor Einstein will talk with you, share his passion for science and challenge you with brain games. He connects via WiFi to the Cloud and interacts dynamically with Apple & Android Smart Devices. He's a walking, talking Genius who listens, reacts and responds to your questions! BRAIN GAMES. Challenge yourself against one of the greatest minds in history. With increasing levels of difficulty, Professor Einstein's brain teasers are a fun, educational way to stay sharp! VOICE RECOGNITION & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. 5 Robot Motors in Albert Einstein give him over 50 Realistic Facial Expressions & Body Gestures. Engineered from scratch by the creative minds behind Sophia, from Hanson Robotics. Professor Einstein features a Body Camera to see objects in front of him & Motion Sensors to detect the edge of a table where he's walking. Directional Sound allows him to hear where you are in the room, and turn his head to talk to you. STEIN-O-MATIC APPLE & ANDROID APP. Download the Free Stein-O-Matic App on your favorite Smart Device. The 15" Tall Professor comes ready to challenge you with 20 pre-loaded Brain Games, Videos, Learning Modules, Data Cards, and Quizzes LEARNING AT HOME. At 15-inches tall, Professor Einstein is the perfect science and math tutor for home. Ask him about science, math, famous historians, even the weather! He's a wonderful teaching aid for classroom instruction. Allows students to learn at their own pace. Recommended for ages 13+